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wine cabinets 200 series

A passion bordering on obsession

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Wine climate cabinets 200 series

The wine climate cabinets are the perfect environment to store and present a wine collection with the dimmable presentation light. Exceptional engineering has gone into making the compartment virtually vibration-free and the cushioned door closing system ensures you do not disturb your remaining collection. The interior environments of all wine climate cabinets have been constructed with materials designed to have no effect on aroma or taste. Even the internal air passes through activated charcoal filters. You can always enjoy your wine at the right temperature, with two independently controlled climate zones.

wine cabinets 200 series solid untreated beech wood and aluminium bottle trays

Up to 80 bottles can be stored on solid untreated beech wood and aluminium bottle trays.

wine cabinets 200 series frame of glass front made of the kitchen furniture
wine cabinet displaying the stainless steel glass front